LED High Bay Lights: Common FAQs From Business Owners

Posted on: 19 November 2019


From garages to warehouses, there is one type of light that is showing up more than others in business spaces: LED high-bay light fixtures. If you've been considering making the change, you probably have a few questions. Here is a look at some of the common questions you may have. 

How many high-bay LED light fixtures will you need?

How many high-bay light fixtures you will need will depend on several factors. A lighting professional will look at several things about the space before determining how many fixtures you need. For example, they will look at: 

  • The ceiling height of the space you are illuminating 
  • Whether there are tall shelves, dividing walls, or other fixtures that will block light radiation 
  • The overall size of the space

Naturally, larger commercial spaces will need more fixtures than others, but some spaces need more lights because a higher level of illumination is required. 

Can you install LED high-bay lights in outdoor areas?

LED high bay fixtures can be installed outdoors, just the same as they can be installed indoors. For example, some fuel stations have traded in old fluorescent fixtures over their gas pumps for LED high bays because they are cool-burning, more efficient, and far less of a risk to have hanging out over fuel pumps. Keep in mind that LED lights show up differently in the sunlight, so it is best to trust a lighting expert for help with choosing the right bulb types. 

Do LED high-bay lights come in different illumination colors?

You can find high-bay LED lights in different illumination colors just as you can any other type of LED light. You can even change the illumination color of a light fixture by swapping out the rows of bulbs. For the most part, people prefer a cool white illumination, but if you want a more yellow glow or something like cool blue, these colors are a possibility as well. 

How difficult are LED high bays to maintain?

One thing most owners like about these light fixtures is the fact that they are super simple to maintain. The bulbs rarely go out, but when they do, it is hardly noticeable because there are so many bulbs in one fixture. If several bulbs go out in a row, you may need to have that row of lights replaced, which is not a big project at all, nor is it too expensive.