Preparing For Winter Propane Delivery

Posted on: 30 August 2023


Propane delivery is more challenging in some seasons than in others. As a result, you need to prepare your propane tank if you think you'll need propane delivery services during the winter. This way, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by reducing the chance of complications.

Get Your Propane Tank Checked

Much rides on the reliability of propane tanks. Due to this, they're built to last. Some propane tanks can do their jobs for decades, provided the occasional requalifications mandated by the Department of Transportation say they still meet the relevant standards. Proper care does much to ensure your propane tank's longevity. Part of that should include inspection by a trained professional before the onset of colder temperatures. This should minimize the risk of your propane tank failing you during the winter. Colder temperatures make propane delivery more challenging. They have an even worse effect on more complicated procedures. This is particularly problematic if you rely on propane for your heating.

Keep Snow and Ice Off Your Propane Tank

Winter can make it so cold that your propane tank stops working. Luckily, that's rare. Still, you want to keep snow and ice off your propane tank. Water in its various forms can wreak havoc on components. You also want to prevent snow and ice from blocking vents so dangerous gases won't build up. Be careful when removing snow and ice on and around your propane tank. Anything too forceful can cause damage. Stick to brushes and other soft tools to prevent that from happening.

Keep a Clear Path to Your Propane Tank

On a related note, you should keep a clear path to your propane tank in case anyone has to access it. You might need to mark the route so propane delivery services know where to step. If so, use flags, poles, or anything that stands out, given the expected snowfall. You might even need to mark your propane tank depending on its location.

Ensure You Have Enough Propane in Your Propane Tank

It's often recommended that you keep your propane tank topped up. This is because winter weather is unpredictable, so you don't want to risk running out at an inconvenient time. Different service providers suggest different thresholds for when you should top up. As such, you should speak with your service provider to see what makes sense for you. Nowadays, you can check your remaining propane using your phone with the right equipment installed. That should help you keep your propane tank topped up even if you don't opt for automated propane delivery.

Know When to Call For Help

Propane tanks are critical equipment. That means you should call for help if you aren't sure what to do rather than take any chances. For instance, you should never try to clear ice from your propane tank by hitting it or more extreme measures like some people have been known to do. Instead, the sensible course of action is to call your propane company.

Contact a company that offers propane delivery services to learn more.