3 Ways to Effectively Use Your Solar Energy

Posted on: 14 February 2020


If you have decided you want to install solar modules on your home to generate solar energy, you need to make sure you understand how to effectively use the energy that is generated from your solar panels.

1. Install Solar Batteries

Your solar panels will generate solar energy throughout the day, which is generally when energy usage is the lowest in your home. That is why having solar batteries can be great. With solar batteries, you can draw on the power generated by your solar batteries during the day at night when you use the most electricity in your home.

When you have your solar panels installed, talk to the installer about installing stationary lithium batteries. The price for lithium batteries where you can store your solar energy has decreased greatly over the year, making it easier for you to store and use your solar energy instead of having to sell all your energy back to the local power grid.

2. Sell Your Energy

You may not be able to use or store all the energy that your solar panels generate in real-time, which is why you also want to connect your solar panels to the energy grid. When your solar panels are connected to the energy grid, you can sell your energy back to the grid throughout the day. This is a great way to make some money on your investment in solar panels.

This is something that you are going to want to have your solar energy installers handle when they install your solar panels. You don't want the solar energy your home generates to go to waste.

3. Switch Your Energy Usage Around

When you have solar panels installed on your home, you will be creating a lot of energy throughout the day. Put that energy to good use. Instead of running your washing machine and dryer at night, if they are electrically powered, run them during the day so that you can use your solar energy for their usage. If you have an electric car or electric batteries for power tools, charge them during the day. Try to move some of your energy-draining activities to the daytime so that you can use the energy you are generating in real-time.

If you are ready for solar panel installation, be sure to install solar batteries to store some of the energy for your use at night and connect your solar panels to the electrical grid so you can sell your excess solar energy. Finally, try to shift some of your energy usage to the daytime so you can take advantage of the energy your home generates in real-time. 

Contact solar panel installation companies to learn more about the process.