3 Reasons to Have Solar Battery Storage for Emergencies

Posted on: 9 March 2020


An emergency that affects access to municipal utilities could strike at any time. Whether the emergency is a natural disaster, damaged electrical equipment, or a wildfire, it helps to know that you can generate your own electrical power when city power is unavailable. It makes sense to invest in solar battery storage to meet your emergency electrical needs. Solar offers a number of unique benefits that can allow you to efficiently run your home's electrical appliances during an emergency until municipal utilities are restored.

1. No Added Cost

Once you have paid to install solar panels and batteries to capture the solar energy generated by the panels, you won't have any additional costs to supply your home with electrical power during an emergency. A solar battery requires no fuel, and you can easily recharge your solar batteries using the solar panels installed on your home.

Conversely, generators typically require gasoline or propane to run properly. These fuel sources can be quite costly in an emergency situation, making it difficult to power your generator without spending a small fortune.

2. Very Little Maintenance

Another benefit of using solar battery storage as an emergency energy source is that solar batteries are very low maintenance. A generator will need to be flushed regularly and have the oil changed often to run efficiently. All you have to do to ensure your solar batteries are ready to power-up in emergency situations and they're clean. 

Since it can be easy to overlook the maintenance a generator needs, you could find yourself without a way to create electricity because your generator hasn't been taken care of. Solar battery storage gives you a reliable and easy-to-maintain power source for all situations.

3. Environmentally Friendly

One of the greatest benefits that solar batteries can offer is the ability to generate electricity without harming the environment. Your solar battery storage will not produce any harmful emissions while running. Solar batteries can also reduce the amount of noise pollution created when you are using your backup power source.

Even the quietest generator will produce some noise during operation. A solar battery is virtually silent during operation. This reduction in sound allows you to better hear any emergency vehicles or rescue crews in your area during any major disaster.

Solar battery storage is the right option when you want reliable, affordable, and quiet access to electricity during any emergency in the future. For more information, contact battery storage services.