Two Ways You Can Invest In Clean Energy

Posted on: 10 July 2020


If you are interested in taking personal action to spread the use of clean energy, then you may want to invest in clean energy yourself. This is certainly not the only way to help clean energy beat fossil fuels on the world stage, but it is increasingly popular as time goes on. There are two ways to do this — you can invest in specific clean energy companies or invest in your own home's clean energy.


Stocks or equities are probably one of the most accessible ways to help fund clean energy. You would simply find any of the dozens of brokers out there, start an investment account, and choose the clean energy companies you like the most. You would then buy however many stocks you would like to own. Not only does this mean that you would be financially contributing to the spread of clean energy, but you would financially benefit as well. Clean energy products have increased in value over time, and more and more countries have been picking clean sources of electricity over non-renewable sources. Equities are a good choice for those with the money to spare, but you can also choose to put your money into more personal forms of clean-energy investment.

Home Energy Programs

Many states across the U.S. are offering home-owners tax credits for setting up renewable energy in their own yard. The specific incentives differ on the state and what you qualify for, but generally, they provide a financial incentive to set up solar power for your home. If your state doesn't have a program, there are federal incentives available. These programs try to substantially decrease the up-front costs that setting up renewable energy can have, and they're a good choice for both you and your community. You can also choose to connect your solar panels to the local electrical grid for when extra energy is produced, so other people rely less on fossil fuels as well.

There are a variety of ways that you can help push clean energy into your local energy production scene, from contacting city councils to voting in preferred candidates. However, one way you can directly influence policy is to use the money you have to invest in clean energy. This can be done by directly funding clean energy providing companies with stock ownership or taking advantage of tax credits for setting up clean energy for your own home. Either way, clean energy is a good investment for anyone.

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