Advantages of Thin-Film Solar Panels

Posted on: 29 June 2021


Solar energy harvesting can range from the tiny panels needed to power garden lights to the huge amounts harvested by the thousands of panels in a solar farm. If you're looking to install solar panels to power a specific building, you likely need a more middle-of-the-road amount of power.

Several different types of solar panels and arrays are available that could help you get to the level of power generation you need. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of choosing thin-film solar panels to generate your solar energy.

1. Wind resistance

Unlike a more traditional solar array, thin-film panels are installed flat against your roof. This means they don't have a raised structure that can catch the wind. Because of this, thin-film panels can be very resistant to wind. The panels can still be damaged by wind if the roof itself is ripped off the building, but this isn't a common problem. 

2. Aesthetics

A thin film panel system doesn't mar the surface of your roof with a raised structure. Instead, since the panels lie flat, your roof will still have the same profile as it had before installation. This allows you to avoid the stereotypical solar panel look and keep your roof looking sleek and sophisticated while still reaping the benefits of solar power.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Thin-film panels can be less expensive on both the manufacturing end and the installation end than a traditional solar array. Not only are they lighter to transport, but they're relatively easy to install as well. This means the installation process can be faster, cutting down on labor costs.

Because the initial costs are lower, thin-film panels may help you afford solar, if you don't have the money for a more expensive installation. Keep in mind that you may need more room for these panels, though, since they may have a lower efficiency rating as well. This is why these panels are typically used on larger buildings rather than residential homes.

4. Low overall weight

Because thin-film panels are so thin and don't have the associated brackets other solar panels do, this type of solar system can be extremely lightweight, even after installation.

If your building already has a very heavy roof, or if you have a heavy snow load in your area, you may not be interested in adding a heavy system to your current roof. In that case, you may consider thin-film panels, since they tend to be very undemanding in the area of roof loading and structural support.

These are just some of the advantages you can reap if you choose thin-film solar over other types of solar panels. For more information, contact a local solar contractor today to discover which type of solar panels could be right for you.