Three Things A Homeowner Should Know About A Battery Storage System For Solar Panels

Posted on: 10 February 2022


If you are a homeowner that has an array of solar panels that power your home's energy, there is a good chance that you do not have any solar battery backup storage. In the United States, the percentage of homes with solar energy that also has a battery backup system is in the single digits. There are important reasons to have this type of system installed. The following are a few things you should know.

You can depend less on the power company 

Most homeowners with a solar energy system are hooked up to the power grid, using power in the daytime from the solar panels and often selling extra power to the utility company. At night, when there is no power being generated from the sun, your home then uses electricity from the power grid. However, if you have solar battery storage, you can then charge these batteries from the excess solar power generated in the day. At night, you can then use the power from the batteries. In the end, you will be less dependent on the electricity grid for your power.

Short-term power blackouts will not affect you

Once you have a good solar battery system installed, you will be more prepared for an emergency power outage. Barring a natural disaster, the most common period when there is a power grid failure is during peak hours of the day. Commonly, this is during the weekday in the late afternoon and in the evening. If the power goes out at this time, you will be using your solar batteries for electricity, and you may not know there has been a power outage because you have experienced no disruption. Everything in your home that you are operating off of electricity will continue to run fine.

Adding a battery system will depend upon your panels

Adding a solar battery system to your home depends upon the design of your solar panel system. Later solar panels come storage ready because they are designed with inverters. However, other solar panel systems will need a more complex installation. There are two different solutions to choose from: AC and DC coupled. An AC coupled solution is cheaper to install but will produce more power loss, whereas a DC coupled solution will cost more upfront, but will be more power-efficient. A solar battery installation service company can give you more information.

If you have a solar energy system installed on the roof of your house, the chances are that you do not have a battery backup system, but you may want to consider having one installed. You will be able to use your batteries at peak hours instead of power from your utility company, and you will have power during blackouts. New solar panels are ready for installation, but if you have an older solar panel system, you will need to decide on an AC coupled or DC coupled solution.