Using Solar Panels To Power Your Home

Posted on: 29 August 2022


Incorporating renewable energy sources is a way that you can reduce your environmental footprint while also lowering your energy costs. Solar panels are one of the more popular and cost-effective solutions for providing a house with these capabilities.

Assumption: A Solar Panel System Will Take Up Your Entire Roof

The amount of space that the solar panels will require on your roof will vary depending on the amount of power that you will want to generate. While some individuals will assume that solar panels will be installed over the entire roof, this is not always necessary. Rather, these panels are more likely to be localized on the side of the roof that will receive the most direct sunlight. However, if a homeowner is wanting to fully maximize the amount of energy that they can produce, there may be benefits to opting for a more expansive solar panel system that will take up more of the roof.

Assumption: The Solar Panel System Will Make Roof Maintenance Much Harder To Complete

The roof of your house will need to undergo regular maintenance if it is to remain in good condition. Unfortunately, some homeowners may avoid installing solar panels due to the belief that they will make it much harder for routine roof maintenance to be completed. This is typically not the case, as solar panels will be designed to make it easy for the roof around them to be cleaned. Additionally, these panels can often be detached from their anchors, and this can allow for major roof work to be completed without the panels obstructing the contractors.

Assumption: A Solar Panel System Can Only Provide Supplemental Power For Your House

Homeowners can often make the error of drastically underestimating the amount of power that their solar panels will be able to provide. In some cases, they may even assume that solar panels are only suitable for providing supplementary energy to the structure. The reality is that these panels can actually be used to power the entire home. This may be true even during overnight hours as the solar panels can be integrated into a battery storage system so that excess energy can be kept for use during the night. As part of the evaluation and assessment process before starting the installation work, you can describe your goals for these panels with the contractor that will oversee their installation. These consultations can provide you with the knowledge needed to choose a solar panel system that is capable of providing the amount of energy and overall performance that you want.

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